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How to get your website done for less
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Do you panic when you think about creating your website? Is this because you know that you’ll most likely be ripped off when the time comes for you to start putting everything together? Well, if you do I completely understand. … Read More

Optimizing pictures for blog or website
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Everything you need to know about adding pictures to your WordPress blog and website, including the right size and how to make them smaller.

Lucky. One story about love and luck
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  More than 10 years ago my family and I had hit rock bottom. Our finances were ridiculous and we could barely afford the food we ate. Our heating was our blankets and the only “fancy” drink we could afford … Read More

The fine line between being a genius or a jerk
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  [All thoughts bellow were provoked watching the movies “The social network” and “Jobs”] What do you think of Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs? Whether you think they are geniuses or jerks, I assure you there are people out there with … Read More

The ultimate guide to staying stupid
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I see that more and more people find it completely useless to develop their brains and get smart. That’s why I have developed the ultimate guide for staying absolutely stupid. Here are the tips: Watch a lot of TV Those … Read More

Essential tools for bloggers [UPDATED]
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  What I observe more and more lately is a web of completely useless content, packed with buzzwords to get traffic. Especially all of the articles with “10 must have tools for marketers”, “The 5 best content creation tactics” and … Read More